5th ICon BEAT 2024


  “The Future We Want” in Sustainable Development (UN Conference 2012) was the main idea of the development agenda that was agreed at the UN General Assembly in September 2015, including Indonesia. The agenda arranged the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) until 2030. The SDGs have 17 goals and groups under the pillars of social, economic, environmental, legal, and governance development. Food, energy, and agriculture are the main focus areas for the SDGs. Therefore, the development of knowledge, applications, and technology aspects in SDGs focus (food, energy, and agriculture) needs to be updated and discussed in scientific forums. (ICoN-BEAT) will be a pivotal and beneficial gathering for scientists, researchers, students, and practitioners to network and discuss the current issues. There will be a series of presentations and discussions in plenary, concurrent, and poster sessions, as well as a poster session. ICoN-BEAT is committed to presenting high-quality research provided by renowned Keynote Speakers and invited international speakers.


  The 5th International Conference on Bio-Energy and Environmentally Agricultural Technologies (ICoN-BEAT) is held by the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Science, University of Muhammadiyah Malang, East Java, Indonesia. This conference serves as a springboard for information exchange between academics at UMM, mainly agricultural and animal science, with academics in Indonesia and overseas. Hopefully, in the future, this conference could serve as a model for attracting the best scholars in their respective fields to present their work.

  The 5th ICoN-BEAT is one of the network’s endeavours toward this goal. The previous conference in 2022 and 2021 was held online at the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Science UMM during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the first joint conference took place in 2019 at GKB IV, UMM. The current international joint meeting is being held in UMM and will feature a hybrid presenting style.

Admission and selection system

  The types of papers accepted at the 5 th ICoN-BEAT 2024 are original research papers referred to as ordinary research papers in the scientific community. The submission and review of abstracts and full papers for the 5th ICoN-BEAT 2024 will be managed online using the “Easy Chair” conference management system.

Step 1: Abstract submission (15 July 2024)

Submit the abstract through the “Easy chair” system using this link.

Step 2: Abstract acceptance notification (20 July 2024)

Authors will be notified regarding their abstracts’ acceptance after reviewing through the “Easy chair” system.

Step 3: Full paper submission (15 August 2024)

Final paper preparation instructions: Please download the 5th ICoN-BEAT 2024 Conference – full paper template HERE: docx and pdf.

Please strictly use the provided template. Make sure not to change the formatting in any way. Submit the final paper in PDF format through the “Easy chair” system using this link.

Please note that we strictly follow the due dates of submission. EARLIER SUBMISSION OF THE FULL PAPER HELPS US TO MANAGE THE REVIEW PROCESS PROMPTLY.

Step 4: Full paper revision (31 October 2024)

After submission, the full paper will be reviewed, and you will receive a confirmation of its acceptance via the “Easy chair” system.

Step 5: Final paper submission (30 November 2024)


Schedule of activities

The 5th ICoN-BEAT 2024 conference will be held at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang on August 31st, 2024.