Publication Opportunities

The 3rd ICoN-BEAT 2022 will serve as a prime venue for the presentation of new developments and research findings in the disciplines of agriculture, animal science, fisheries, Aquaculture, food science, food technology, and forestry, as well as bioenergy and biofuels. The conference will bring together prominent scholars, academics, scientists, and industry leaders from Asia and the Pacific.

The conference accepts original papers, including abstracts and full papers that have not been published elsewhere. However, authors are strongly urged to submit an entire article for publication in one of the symposium’s connected international journals (SCOPUS indexed and other indexing systems). Authors are responsible for the journal’s article-processing charge.

Numerous journals are actively in contact with the committee, and some have committed to publishing pieces from the conference, including the following:

 Journal Publisher

Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation - International Journal of the Bioflux Society

(AACL Bioflux)

Publisher : Bioflux Society, Romanis, European Union

Livestock Research for Rural Development (LRRD)

Publisher : Fundación CIPAV, Cali, Colombia

Proceeding Publisher

A number of selected papers will have the opportunity to be submitted at the proceedings (Applying process to E3S Web of Conferences).

we also offer for publication in our Local Journals

AGRIECOBIS (Journal of Agricultural Socioeconomics and Business)

IJOTA (Indonesian Journal of Tropical Aquatic

Journal of Forest Science Avicennia